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Preserving Heritage Photojournalism Competition

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) Asian Law Alliance is excited to announce the launch of the Preserving Heritage Photojournalism Competition! We greatly look forward to learning about our community’s individual and collective heritage. We hope that participants can engage in meaningful conversations with family, and community members, on how diaspora has affected their cultures and family values. 

We are so excited to see the artistic skills of our community! First, second, and third place prizes available. Winners will have their work displayed at the 2023 Silicon Valley API Leadership Summit. First place winner will also have their work displayed on ALA social media, website, and newsletter. 

What is photojournalism? 

A picture is worth a thousand words, and photojournalism uses photography as a medium for storytelling.  Photojournalism is the practice of communicating news, significant cultural or political actions, or other current events through photos rather than written text. It should capture images of current topical themes, issues, or events. 

We’ve seen impactful photojournalism coming out of movements such as Black Lives Matter, occupying the Middle East, and People Power Movements through the 1960s-70s. Images from these events communicate stories about the environment, people, and emotions felt during these demonstrations. To learn more, visit these resources: 

Competition Prompt 

Competition submissions must focus on subject matter specifically on how diaspora has impacted cultural preservation, practices, and current family values. We encourage participants to have meaningful conversations with elder family members and share space for storytelling. Participants should approach these conversations with curiosity for learning about familial history and cultural heritage. How have your family’s cultural practices, traditions, or values changed due to diaspora or growing up in a Western world? 

Submission Requirements 

Submit three photos in tryptic format with a 300-word description detailing the meaning behind the photos and the themes they capture. Photos must be submitted in tryptic format with the description attached as a separate PDF. 

  • Candid or posed photos detailing the AAPI experience, culture, values, practices 
  • Must include written narrative on photo subjects 
  • Self-portraits will not be accepted  
  • Must be 16 years old minimum to participate 
  • Work must be submitted in English, use of a translator/preparer is acceptable 
  • Images must be original works with no copyright infringement 
  • One entry per participant or group 
  • Awards totals will be split among all group members, if group submissions are received 

All submissions must be turned in to this Google form by Wednesday, May 31st at 11:59 pm 

Competition Timeline 

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with the competition!

– IG: @asianlawalliance
– Twitter: @alasantaclara

  • Preserving Heritage Competition is announced Friday, May 5th 
  • Submissions accepted from May 5th to May 31st at 11:59 pm 
  • LAST DAY TO SUBMIT: Wednesday, May 31st  
  • Preserving Competition winner announced Friday, June 16th  
    Winner announcement date is subject to announcement anytime between June 12th – 16th

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