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The major goal of the Community Education (CE) program is to prevent legal crisis through awareness. Many members of the Asian/Pacific Islander communities are recent immigrants and refugees with limited English speaking abilities and are unfamiliar with the United States social and legal systems. Through the CE Program of educational presentations and pamphlets, members of the community gain a working knowledge of their legal rights and responsibilities.

Asian Law Alliance Community Education presentations include the following topics:

housing2 Housing
How can I get my security deposit returned to me after I move out of my apartment? What are the differences between a lease and month-to-month agreement? As a tenant, what are my responsibilities for repairs needed in my apartment? What is unlawful discrimination? 
insurance2 Public Benefits
If my public benefits are being terminated, what are my appeal rights? I am not an U.S. citizen, can I be eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI)? If I receive SSI, will this affect my application for U.S. Citizenship? If I am not a U.S. citizen, am I eligible for any cash or medical benefits? If I am a refugee or an asylee, am I eligible for any benefits from the government? 
charts2 Employment
What is the current minimum wage in California? What are the overtime rules? Where can I go for help if my employer does not pay me the minimum wage? What is worker’s compensation? 
usa Immigration Law/Citizenship
How do I petition for a relative? How can I get a green card? What are the requirements for citizenship? Are there special citizenship rules for people with disabilities? May I take the citizenship test in my native language? Am I still eligible for citizenship even if I have a criminal record? 
justice Domestic Violence/Immigration
If my spouse has abused me, will a court order my spouse to leave the house? How quickly can a judge issue a temporary restraining order? If I do not have immigration status, but my spouse is abusing me, do I have any rights to stay in the U.S.? If I was granted two-year “conditional resident status” based on my marriage to a U.S. citizen, who is now abusing me, can I file for permanent resident status on my own? 
car Auto Responsibility
Do I need auto insurance? How can I buy and sell a used car? What should I do if I get in an auto accident? Do I need a child safety seat? 
tele2 Telecommunications fraud and abuse
How can I protect myself from fraudulent practices by telecommunications companies? What are my legal rights if I am defrauded by a telecommunications company? 
identity2 Identity Theft
How can I protect myself against identity theft? What should I do if I suspect that I am the victim of identity theft? How does credit card fraud occur? What is skimming? What is phishing? How can I tell the difference between a scammer’s email and a legitimate attempt by my bank to contact me? Why is it important to review my credit card statement when it arrives? 


 For Upcoming Community Education Presentations, please look at our events.

Want ALA to present to your community? You can email our Community Engagement Coordinator, Ashley Nguyễn ( or call (408) 287-9710.