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January is National Stalking Awareness Month!

This January marks the eighteenth annual National Stalking Awareness Month! #NSAM2022

Stalking is a serious and prevalent crime that deserves our attention. Join efforts this month and empower our communities to KNOW IT, NAME IT, and STOP IT. #KnowItNameItStopIt

If a partner is showing up, following, contacting constantly, violating privacy, sabotaging, or otherwise scaring the victim – that’s stalking! It can happen before, during, and/or after a relationship.

Over half the time, stalking takes places during the relationship and can be a red flag that the relationship might be particularly dangerous. #NSAM2022 #KnowItNameItStopIt
IPV factsheet:

The majority of stalking victims experience both in-person and technology-facilitated stalking.

The most common types of tech abuse—harassment, limiting access to technology, and surveillance—increased during the pandemic.  NNEDV’s Safety Net app has helpful information to help victims take control of their online privacy. #NSAM2022 #KnowItNameItStopIt

NNEDV Safety Net:

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