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public comments to Census NAC Meeting on May 5, 2022

Public comments submitted by Asian Law Alliance to the Census National Advisory Commission Meeting on May 5, 2022 to call for release of disaggregated data by April 1, 2023

The Asian Law Alliance is a nonprofit that provides legal services in Santa Clara County, with a particular focus on our AAPI and low-income populations.

We worked extensively on Census outreach in 2020.  Working with partner organizations, we were able to push AAPI groups in Santa Clara County for a high response rate.

When we look at various ethnic groups within the AAPI community, we see different educational outcomes, socioeconomic outcomes, living situations, access to health care, mental health services, etc.  Disaggregated census data will help us identify the needs of the different ethnic groups and enable us to serve them better.  We need the data sooner rather than later.  We encourage the U.S. Census Bureau to release disaggregated census data no later than April 1, 2023.

Thank you.